Show Themes

LED and Laser Dance

LED and Laser Dance

Laser Shows with performers available for booking. Spectacular as a show opener. Contact us for details on pricing and options.

LED shows are split into 2 types, LED costumes and LED props. Performances in LED costumes can be in whatever genres but the performers wear LED costumes. LED prop shows will be dance performances involving the use of LED staff, poi, hula hoops, wands and etc.

LED and Laser shows are great for the outdoors for night life events and beach events. They are also a good replacement for fire shows especially when indoor venues have constrains with fire performances.

You might also want to consider LED costumed minglers for your event. Unique to Arte Aura is our own design of LED Walking Tables, available with white light or RGB. LED Walking Table entertainers are great as photo opportunities, excellent as an extension of hospitality for serving drinks and snacks to guests and also novel as walking product displays for guests to interact with.