About Us

Who We Are​

Arte Aura is the company to approach for a memorable and customisable performance. The multiplicity of each performer’s talents creates creative possibilities that a conventional dance crew cannot endeavour.

Our History

Within Arte Aura is the Aura Divas, a group of 15 ladies who are amongst the top Singaporean commercial dance performers. Having a common dream, the girls joined hands formed this team under the company.

What We Can Do

This Singapore based performance company is not only multi-racial but also multi-disciplinary. We handle dance forms such as Belly Dance, Bollywood, Burlesque, Hawaiian Dance, Latin Ballroom, Hip Hop, Jazz, Cultural Dances and more.

Outside of dance, each girl has her own special talent, ranging from DJing, modeling, emceeing, singing, acting and doing make up.

Working alongside the Aura Divas are male and female dancers from affiliated teams as well as other talents who work together for bigger events.

Our Specialisation

The multiple capabilities of Arte Aura place us at the vanguard of guerrilla marketing techniques such as flash mobs, happenings, roving publicity and viral videos. We are good at weaving marketing messages and thematic concepts into performances.

“All Your World is Our Stage”

Our Past Clients